Windows Server environment - Home lab 1

 Setting up my Windows Server 2022 inside VMWare

Downloading VMware

Firstly I searched Google for free VMWare workstation player 17 and opened the first link from the official site.

Downloading Windows Server 2022 ISO

Next, I needed an ISO image of Microsoft Windows Server so I googled just that, Windows server iso, and clicked the Microsoft link. After downloading the 64bit ISO I was ready to go.


Creating a virtual machine was only a few steps. I clicked Create a New Virtual Machine and imported the newly downloaded ISO file, which was in my downloads folder. 


Toward the end of the selections, there was an option to auto-launch the new VM. I unchecked that as I still had to remove the Floppy option.


In the screenshot above you can see that the floppy option was removed. Then I launched my new VM. It took some time for it to launch.

The next thing that I did was to follow along clicking next for most everything, until I reached the server selection page. I wanted to choose the option with the GUI, The screenshot below provides that option.


And it was as simple as that! 

I now have my own Windows Server 2022 setup in VMWare. Thank you for following along.

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