Active Directory Set-up - Home lab 2

 Setting up Active Directory on my Windows Server 2022 in my VMWare virtual machine.

Once my VM was launched and ready to go, I clicked "Add roles and features" within the Server Manager. This opened up a window to get my AD DS set up. Following along with the options menu, I continued until reaching the Server Roles. Selected "Active Directory Domain Services"


I closed the window as it was downloading, but I could see it up top in the task window. Once it finished I rebooted the server.


I clicked next through these options until reaching Deployment Configuration. As I do not have an existing Domain or forest, I selected "Add a new forest". Typed in the Root Domain name that I wanted.


I followed through and installed the domain controller. The route I chose was the default, as I am using a VM. 


Once the installation was complete, the server rebooted. Upon startup, I was greeted with my new domain name!


Signed in and did some checks. From the tools menu, I opened my Active directory and it worked! 


This was a pretty simple setup and it didn't take too long. 

I hope you enjoyed the walk-through. Thank you for reading.

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